Succession Planning: Tools of the Trade

Last week, we discussed 4 strategies of succession planning, focusing on the development aspect of building a talent pool of capable leaders.

With that in mind, we can start to look at the tools we have that can build the type of leaders that can make our succession plans a success! Continue reading Succession Planning: Tools of the Trade


Executive Presence – Appearance Matters

When you think about the characteristics that help individuals become leaders in their chosen profession, you most likely consider positive traits such as hard work, setting goals, and furthering education as essential to achieving a successful career path. While these skills are certainly necessary, a recent study by the non-profit Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) indicates that having an “executive presence” may be an even … Continue reading Executive Presence – Appearance Matters

4 Tips to Promote Career Development in Young Professionals

If you are feeling unchallenged, bored, dissatisfied or stuck at your current position at work, you’re not the only one. Many young professionals begin their careers in positions with hopes to climb the ranks, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Most members of the Jaycees know things are not just handed to you – you have to work for advancement in the workplace. Besides coming … Continue reading 4 Tips to Promote Career Development in Young Professionals

Networking Tips

Leaderships Skills Required for Young Entrepreneurs

As the saying goes, not everyone is born a leader. Why do young professionals let that deter them from seeking management roles or starting their own business? Just because you need to improve on certain leadership traits doesn’t mean you weren’t cut out for it. Developing the skills necessary to be a leader – a good leader – takes patience, time and lots of practice no matter who you are. Continue reading “Leaderships Skills Required for Young Entrepreneurs”