Succession Planning: Tools of the Trade

Last week, we discussed 4 strategies of succession planning, focusing on the development aspect of building a talent pool of capable leaders.

With that in mind, we can start to look at the tools we have that can build the type of leaders that can make our succession plans a success!

Project Planning and Committees

As in much in life, practice makes perfect when it comes to executing succession plans,” says Stephen A. Miles, former vice chairman at the executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles, and founder and CEO of The Miles Group.

One of the easiest way to develop leadership skills in our members is the way it’s been done for almost 100 years: project planning and committee assignments.

Using tools like the Project Managers Guide helps build successful projects that share the lessons learned from prior years and provides a roadmap in case of emergency.

Likewise, utilizing committees in your chapter allow for members to become involved and aquainted with collaborative efforts similar to service on a board of directors.

Long Term Planning

Have a plan for a year in motion? Now it’s time to turn to the future.

What projects your chapter wants to do in the future depends just as much on leadership as it does on manpower and money. Building on the outcomes and goals of year one helps build year two, as year three depends on the prior, and so on.

But how a long term plan comes together can determine its success. Miles suggests engaging all stakeholders in planning to build better all around buy-in. This is where using a committee along with the current board helps give future chapter leaders a stake in the overall success of the chapter.


Needless to say, all plans need regular evaluation to gauge their success. Evaluating and updating long term plans at least once a year helps to make sure that each year’s plan is building towards long term objectives.

Do you have any suggestions to share regarding succession planning? Your idea could help your fellow Jaycees – so share them! Our Facebook and Twitter pages are always open.


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