BzzzTour 2.0

John Bradshaw said, ” Children are curious and are risk takers. They have lots of courage. They venture out into a world that is immense and dangerous. A child initially trusts life and the process of life.”

When I first attended a partner summit with Nothing But Nets in 2012 they had a marketing campaign that showed a mom and her son from the US on one side and a mom and her son from Africa on the other side. The caption read, “I taught my child to give so your child could live.” To me it stemmed who we are as a family. I have a precocious 10 year old who has dedicated his last two summers to saving children in Africa. Who believes that, “Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life!!!”

So this blog is from Aaron. Aaron sat down today with our assistant, Brandi and wrote how he felt about the trip this far and his adventures. So here is the BzzzTour according to Aaron…

We started in Tennessee where we met a lot of really nice people including Paul, who went to all the meetings with us. Also Montgomery County Jaycees hosted a pillow fight in the park that raised money for Nothing But Nets. The pillow fight was a great idea because everyone had a lot of fun and it was a great fundraiser. In Kentucky, I actually got to spend time with my mamaw so I wasn’t at the events. But I heard they were really fun!! In Virginia, we met Art, who went to the meetings with us. He was really nice and funny and was the first person to buy a ribbon for the Build A Net. After the meetings we went to an event where we met Jaycees from several chapters including Peninsula chapter. That’s where we met President Jodi, who I talked with about my fundraising and she had me make a video to challenge her girl scout troop to raise money for Nothing But Nets like I did. She also bought a ribbon for the net.

In Connecticut, we met a lot of nice people like President Traci and Past President Marc. They both took us to play Extreme/DJ Bingo to help raise money. Also we all went to breakfast with the Windsor Jaycees and talked to them about Nothing But Nets. They took us to see their town mosquito which was fun, it was a metal mosquito in a lake. I dressed up like Mozzie and we took pictures. In Mississippi we got to have dinner with the chapter in a place that had free video games. We talked about Nothing But Nets but we also played games.

In Louisiana, we got to go to a GO Kickball! event. All the teams were really excited to be involved in the game as well as be contributors to Nothing But Nets. Monica went with us to all the meetings and showed us around town. She ran the fundraising projects and was one of the refs for the kickball game. It was a lot of fun!!!! When we visited Texas we met a lot of really great people like Katherine from the Houston Asian Jaycees, who hosted a crawfish boil with a lot of fun games. I got to play games all afternoon. My favorite was when we did a crawfish relay with live crawfish and there were guts everywhere. I also liked when I had to race up and down the stairs balancing a ball on a spoon. All these games helped raise $1000 for Nothing But Nets.

At Arkansas, we met with John Baine who went with us to our meetings and then we did something fun. We went to the Chamber and mom got interviewed for the news. My favorite part was when I got to dress up as Mozzie and show everyone what a bed net looks like. The newspaper was there, and me, dad and mom were on the front page. In Missouri, we went to the Oran Jaycees Hall there were seven chapters there, where we talked about Nothing But Nets, had BBQ, and passed out gifts. The next day we went to a picnic with Crowley Ridge and they had a bounce house there. We went to Mexico in Missouri attended a Jaycee social and talked about Nothing But Nets and got a donation check. We went to Jefferson City to their fair grounds because they were cleaning up for their fair, wish we could stay for that. We got a big check there and I got to play with VP Erin’s dog that was lots of fun. Then we drove to Hannibal and had a BBQ with the Jaycees and the next day we got to rest and spend time with NVP Trisha that was lots of fun!!!

Today we are in Iowa and I have shot my video for Troop 1027 challenging them to raise money and we put it on Facebook and we put together this blog so I could say what I had done this summer. I did want to share that in Baltimore we officially kicked off the Build A Net (check out the picture of me and James, Miss Margaret from Nothing But Nets’ son) Aaron and James under Build A Netand have raised around $800 but are selling ribbons until Saturday night of GALS. Which I am excited I get to go too to present the net on Sunday!!! I have got to do a lot of really cool things because of my families work with Nothing But Nets including Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House, several trips to DC, Africa in October, but also traveling all summer and meeting all of you. I always like to say we have the ability to help people with $10 and if I as a 10 year old can do so can  you!!!!


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