Global Trends in Human Capital

As the workplace continues to grow to include a more global perspective, it is increasingly necessary to evaluate elements of successful business growth on a larger scale. No longer is competition limited to local players, it can now include the entire world. Consequently, smart organizations are looking at global trends on key issues such as regulatory practices, environmental stability, and perhaps most important, human capital. … Continue reading Global Trends in Human Capital

Women Leaders and Equal Pay

Last month we looked at recent trends in leadership and learned how “softer” management styles that identify with “feminine” traits can be more effective than traditionally “masculine” styles of direction. This month, we’ll continue that discussion by looking at whether or not the move towards this leadership is translating into equality for women leaders, both in the work environment and in salary levels. As young … Continue reading Women Leaders and Equal Pay

BzzzTour 2.0

As a Jaycee we are given opportunities to change the world. For some that may sound corny but for us it is reality. Almost daily we are called on by our communities to assist people whether it be with a community garden, training young leaders, providing a Christmas to those who wouldn’t have it otherwise, building the top notch burn center, a public hospital, a … Continue reading BzzzTour 2.0

Golden Rule: Behold the Power of Reciprocity

When it comes to persuasion, there are a few tools and ideas that we as young professionals and active citizens would be well served to understand. Reciprocity happens to be one of those concepts. People utilize reciprocity as a persuasive tool on a daily basis, and often without even realizing it.  Even when our intentions are pure, and we expect nothing in return, the simple … Continue reading Golden Rule: Behold the Power of Reciprocity