Understanding the Active Citizen Framework – Part 4

This month, we continue our series on the JCI Active Citizen Framework with Step 4 – Monitoring and Evaluation. Do you want to help change the world? The Active Citizen Framework is your step-by-step guide to getting involved, and started down the path to success. Our process helps Jaycees develop and implement projects that empower and educate young adults, and have a real impact in … Continue reading Understanding the Active Citizen Framework – Part 4

Earth Day – What did you do?

This year on April 22nd over a billion people in 190 countries celebrated Earth Day – the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Historically, groups from across the political spectrum have come together on that day in efforts from protests and rallies to conferences and clean-ups. As Jaycees, we can be proud that many of our chapters … Continue reading Earth Day – What did you do?

Executive Presence – Appearance Matters

When you think about the characteristics that help individuals become leaders in their chosen profession, you most likely consider positive traits such as hard work, setting goals, and furthering education as essential to achieving a successful career path. While these skills are certainly necessary, a recent study by the non-profit Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) indicates that having an “executive presence” may be an even … Continue reading Executive Presence – Appearance Matters

Social Media Trends

As the polar vortex refuses to loosen its icy grip on the majority of the country, abnormally cold weather provides an ideal time to review and adjust your personal and professional social media strategies. Whether you’re a novice user or practiced veteran of the social media environment, you can always learn a new technique or application that fits your needs. With a little research, you … Continue reading Social Media Trends