Understanding the Active Citizen Framework – Part 3

Active Citizen Framework Infographic EN A3Step 3 in our continuing series on the JCI Active Citizen Framework focuses on Taking Action With Partners. The Active Citizen Framework is your step-by-step guide to the process that helps Jaycees create and execute projects that empower young adults and impact local communities. By presenting a consistent framework and providing you with the tools you need to follow a system with proven success, we want to see you create positive differences and use the Active Citizen Framework to change the world!

Last month, we covered Step 2 – Formulate Sustainable Solutions. If you need a refresher, check out that post here.

As you develop your needs analysis and sustainable solutions it’s important to consider potential partners within your community that share similar values to JCI and goals that align with your project. Whether public or private sector, using the JCI Active Framework will help you explain your project outcomes in ways that will encourage support and allow you to leverage additional resources.

The JCI Active Framework recommends that you, “Look at ways to increase impact by sharing resources, engaging all sectors of society and creating shared value for the community. When leveraging the strength of partners and the action of JCI members, you can achieve more than by working independently.”

We want to hear about your successes! Give us an update on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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