Understanding the Active Citizen Framework – Part 2

This week, we will continue with our discussion of the Active Citizen Framework – your step-by-step guide to the process that helps Jaycees create and execute projects and development opportunities that empower young professionals and benefit their communities. By offering a specific framework, providing examples on how to best utilize the information, and ensuring sustainable local impacts, we challenge you to use the Active Citizen … Continue reading Understanding the Active Citizen Framework – Part 2

Happy Valentines Day

With a great big hug, we offer our best wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day! Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is believed to celebrate one or more Christian Saints named Valentinus who gave their lives to perform marriages deemed illegal by the Roman Empire in the late 400s. Celebrated by the West on February 14th, the day evolved in the 1700s to include the exchange of expressions … Continue reading Happy Valentines Day

What Jaycees and Olympians Have in Common

Once again it is time to celebrate the spirit of international competition and goodwill during the XXII Olympic Winter Games currently being held in Sochi, Russia. Athletes from almost 100 nations will compete in 98 events lasting nearly three weeks, from February 6th through the 23rd. Beyond the anticipation of being the most expensive Olympics ever, there is historical significance, as the Sochi Olympics will … Continue reading What Jaycees and Olympians Have in Common