Digital Downloads: Stay Connected with the Jaycees

Social Media TipsSo you signed up to be a member of the Jaycees – now what? A HUGE part of being a member of our professional networking organization is staying connected with both your local chapter and other Jaycee members around the world. Where can you go to talk with other members? The real question is where can’t you go and find a Jaycee member!

Facebook – If you have become a fan of The United States Junior Chamber yet, you need to do so immediately! We’re always sharing important Jaycee information, professional tips and tricks and of course because we are just an overall cool group of people to chat with. Don’t forget to also become a fan of your local Jaycee Facebook page. Your chapter doesn’t have one? Take that as a challenge to set one up and gain fans!

Twitter – Tweet, tweet! Yes, we are on Twitter, too. Twitter is a great social media platform to get shorthand news and industry information on the fly – both from us and other professional outlets. Whether you’re looking for a way to impress your Wednesday night networking group or need a better way to stay up on current events, connecting with the Jaycees on Twitter will help.

LinkedIn – If you joined an organization that is designated for young working professionals and are not on LinkedIn and connected with the Jaycees, you need to change that ASAP. This social media network is where professionals go to connect, share job openings and more. Need another reason to join LinkedIn besides connecting with other Jaycee members across the country (and we hope you don’t, because that alone is a wonderful networking opportunity)? Recruiters use LinkedIn as a place to find qualified candidates for job openings. Give yourself a presence on LinkedIn or you may miss out on a great opportunity.

Webinars – If knowledge is power, then look out for all of the Jaycees that sign up for our webinars! The frequency varies, but generally there are one or two webinars a week that can span from New Member Orientation to Public Speaking 101 to The Art of Negotiation. These are FREE for members. That’s right, we said free. If you’re looking for a way to improve your professional skill set and connect with influential knowledge leaders, then tune in for a webinar!

So there you have it! Staying in touch with your industry peers is an essential part of maintaining the network that you have worked hard to build. By digitally connecting with fellow Jaycees on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and webinars, it’s a great place to start. Have questions about social media? Visit our Facebook and Twitter and take a look around! We’re always sharing information to help members get started.


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