The Jaycees Through the Years: Charles Lindbergh

Professional Networking GroupFor over the 93 years, the United States Junior Chamber – or the Jaycees – has, some very bright and famous names become members of our organization. Did you know that before he was the first person in history to travel on a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, Charles Lindbergh became a member of the Jaycees? Together, the Jaycees and Lindbergh helped make history.

Pre-Jaycees, Charles Lindbergh attended engineering school at the University of Wisconsin – that is before he dropped out to learn how to fly! After joining the Jaycees, Lindbergh graduated from Nebraska Aircraft Corporation in 1925 at the top of his class. No surprises there!

With the Jaycees’ national project focusing on the development of aviation, it was only a natural pairing for Lindbergh and our professional networking organization to work together to help improve upon how we were using flight to the country’s advantage. Before the flight from New York to Paris, Lindbergh and other Jaycee members collaborated to develop what we now know as our current mail system: airmail.

After that, the rest is history (no pun intended). Lindbergh wowed the world when he achieved ultimate fame by completing the first trans-Atlantic solo flight. He eventually settled down, married and had a family. Following a long period of war, drama and family tragedies, the Lindberghs finally found solace in travel and permanently took up residence in Maui, Hawai’i until his death in 1974.

Not only did Charles Lindbergh do so much to increase awareness for the United States Junior Chamber, he also was a pioneer in aviation and many of the luxuries we know today would not be possible without his knowledge. Do you have a favorite famous or well-known Jaycee member that you would like to see featured in our “The Jaycees Through the Years” series? Visit our Facebook or Twitter and let us know!


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